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The Perfect Balance of Art and Technology

The Benelli Ethos contained many new technologies that had been derived from competition shooters as well as new technologies developed by Benelli engineers. Even though the Benelli Ethos contained many technological advancements, the look of the shotgun was very traditional. The tagline “The Perfect Balance of Art and Technology” contrasted the new technologies put into this shotgun with the traditional artisanship of the exterior of the shotgun. In advertising we used a highly advanced custom motorcycle that had just set a land speed record and contrasted that with two women playing violin. The roar of the motorcycle versus the smooth sounds of the violin was the perfect representation of the contrast of traditional art versus the advancement of technology encapsulated in the Benelli Ethos.

Benelli Ethos Campaign: Welcome
Benelli Ethos Campaign: Video
Benelli Ethos Campaign: Video
Benelli Ethos Campaign: Video


Benelli Ethos Campaign: Image
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